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    Sleep insomnia is a common occurrence in many adults all over the world. In a research carried out in Britain, it was revealed that at least 62% of all adults experience

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Sleep insomnia is a common occurrence in many adults all over the world. In a research carried out in Britain, it was revealed that at least 62% of all adults experience insomnia very frequently in their lives. The research goes a head to reveal that the probability of the condition affecting women is 40% higher than that of men. This means that women are at higher risk of spending sleepless night’s at least 3-4 days in a week. This is a very worrying trend especially putting into consideration the fact that adults are involved in very tiring daily schedules. From the research, it was also established that if a person addicted to sleeping pills stays away from the pills, the mortality level resulting from mild insomnia is still very high. The mortality saw cuts on both edges with the research revealing that for people who have more than 8 hours of sleep every night, they also have a high mortality possibility.

It is important that every individual has a maximum of 7 hours of undisturbed night sleep. The minimum sleeping hours for any adult should be six hours. However not all adults are able to sleep for these long hours. This is due to stress, mental disturbance and general depression. But even so, it is possible for you as an adult to be able to sleep for seven hours very night. Here are some tips that can help you in having long sleeping hours:

Do not take caffeine

Caffeine has different effects on people especially due to the difference in the levels of addiction. Medical research has shown that caffeine has a great effect in the human brain. It disrupts the normal functioning of a person. As such, the mental senses that trigger sleep are affected and therefore you are likely to have irregular sleeping patterns. Taking coffee (caffeine) past 4pm worsens the situation. This is because of the fact that the mental stimulation due to the caffeine will take place at night. Therefore you are most likely bound to stay awake for the whole night.

Always ensure that you do not go to bed on an empty stomach. This is because digestion and utilization of food takes place at night at night. In an empty stomach, there will be nothing to be digested and therefore hunger will wake you up at night. Always ensure that you take foods rich in carbohydrates as they tend to bring out a drowsy effect in brain. You are therefore bound to have a night long of undisrupted sleep.
Reduce your alcohol consumption. Even though alcohol actually makes you to feel drowsy, it can also lead to loss of sleep. This is usually because alcohol causes temporary drowsiness and as such after surpassing the drowsiness stage, you will surely wake up. Alcohol also contains chemicals that offset the mental balance and proper functioning. Therefore sleep triggers can be easily affected and therefore you are going to have irregular sleep. Stress and depression are also possible causes of loss of sleep at night. You should therefore that you control the level of stress in your life. Better yet if its possible to completely eliminate the stress.

Always ensure that you take off sometime during your daily routines to engage in exercises. This is because exercises enhance relaxation in the body. You are therefore most likely to have extended sleep duration. In general, lack of sleep is caused by controllable mental conditions which once taken care of you can be able to eliminate insomnia from your life.

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