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    Sleep insomnia is a common occurrence in many adults all over the world. In a research carried out in Britain, it was revealed that at least 62% of all adults experience

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Good sleep is a key factor to lead a healthy life. For adults, having a sound sleep is very important as they have to do lots of work all day long. Following tips can help an adult to make his sleep better:

Make a schedule

Making a schedule and following it is very effective in having a good sleep. You should set a time to go to bed and wake up in the morning and don’t change that time ever. Stick to the schedule whether it is a weekend, holiday or any other thing. If you don’t feel like sleeping according to your schedule than sit down take deep breathe and relax. After few minutes, try to sleep again.

Have a good and well timed meal

You should not go to bed either hungry nor soon after having a meal. This might disturb your stomach and you will keep awake for a long time without any reason. You should not intake a lot of fluid as this may disturb your sleep. Avoid alcohol and caffeine as they have stimulating effect which can keep you awake for many hours.

Bedtime ritual

Read a book, take a bath or listen to the music with dim lights. These are some acts which you should do every night before going to bed as they help your body to know that now it’s time to sleep. Don’t include watching TV or using a laptop as bedtime acts because according to a researcher using these things before going to bed can cause a hindrance in your sleep.

Create a comfortable environment to sleep

You should have a perfect environment to sleep comfortably. You should switch off the lights, cut off every noise and lower the room temperature as this is an ideal environment to sleep in.

Daytime naps

You should not have a daytime nap longer than 10 to 30 minutes. Having long daytime naps can disturb your night’s sleep. You must sleep for 6-8 hours at night by keeping the tip number 1 in the mind. People having night shift can do the reverse. They should pick a room where there is no or less sunlight so that they can sleep comfortably.

Physical Activity

You must include any physical activity in your daily sleep as it helps you get a sound and better sleep. But one thing should be kept in mind that the physical activity should not be done just before going to bed. The reason is that, if you do physical activity just before going to bed than this will give your body energy and you will fail to sleep on time and if you don’t sleep on time then you will not be able to get up on time.

Stress Management

To get a better sleep you should manage stress. To manage stress you can do a lot of things like having a good and joyful conversation with an old friend, get organized etc. Plan your upcoming day so that stress can be reduced and you can get a better sleep.
These are a few simple yet effective tips for adults. If they act upon these tips then they will surely be able to get a sound and a good night’s sleep.

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