5 Bad Habits That Effect Your Sleep

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  8. 5 Bad Habits That Effect Your Sleep
  1. It has happened to all of us. Twisting and turning in the middle of the night. Watching infomercials and movies to help you drift off. Here are five bad sleeping habits that you might unknowingly be doing, that is affecting your sleep.¬†Too Many Things On The Bed. You love snuggling up to your stuffed animals, pillows, dog, or kids. The problem, they could literally be cramping your style. You may find yourself being a “puzzle piece” on the bed and learning interesting ways to contort your body just to fit in. Sleeping in uncomfortable positions will greatly affect your rest. So, tuck the kids in their own rooms, buy Fido a bed, and decorate your floor with your pillows and stuffed animals while you sleep. Keeping your yoga moves out of your bed will help your body sleep comfortably and restfully.
  2. Watching Television. Most television networks offer adult viewing shows after the kids have gone to bed, there is good reason for this. Hearing gunshots, watching scary ghost hunts, and listening to terrible news before you doze off can be transferred into your unconscious and show up in your dreams, creating nightmares and disturbing your sleep. If you enjoy watching shows or movies to help you unwind before bed, try choosing genres that are lighthearted or comical.
  3. Eating. This habit will not only cause cavities and weight gain, it can be uncomfortable rolling around in a bed of crumbs causing you to itch and scratch during the night. This habit can also attract bugs to your bed. It is best not to eat food at least four hours before bedtime to help your digestive system get ready for bed too. Unless you’re trying to gain new house pets, keep the eating away from your bedroom.
  4. Drinking. This habit can keep you going to the bathroom all night long, especially if you have a small bladder. And, if you’re taking medications, you might mistakenly have an accident in the middle of the night. Unless you want to add Depends to your grocery list, keep hydrated during the day or limit the amount of liquids you drink at night.
  5. Sporadic Bedtimes. Your body has a nocturnal clock and going to bed at different times each night can affect your stages of sleep. “Yo-Yo” sleeping habits will keep you feeling unrested and can effect your moods even if you get eight hours of sleep at night. Be sure to get into a good sleeping routine to include- the time you go to bed and the time you wake up, for better rested nights of sleep.
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