How dangerous is lack of sleep?

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  3. How dangerous is lack of sleep?
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Sleep deprivation usually has similar side effects as those that are caused by taking alcohol. The victim usually have poor body balance, reduced concentration and the vision become blurred. Each year lack of sleep causes loss of thousands of lives and million of dollars as a result of accidents caused by sleep deprived individuals. The damagers are usually more increased when the sleep deprived individual is operating any machine that is hazardous.

There was one incident of pilots who received suspension from working with the airplanes for having slept while in the cockpit and missed their landing destination. Imagine the number of live that would have been lost on the process! Dangers as a result of sleep deprivation are actually real. One of the suspended pilots when questioned said that he had a sleep apnea. This is a disorder that makes the sufferer to frequently wake up at night without breathing.

When one is sleep deprived, they fail to operate optimally. The individuals tend to feel irritable, tired, drowsy and sluggish. This are just the mild effects of lack of sleep, there can be more serious problems when the individual goes stays for longer times. Long-term deprivation of sleep may cause lead to diseases and even psychological problems. To the higher extent, it even becomes life threatening. Some of the diseases associated with lack of sleep include depression, heart disease, obesity, psychosis, cardio vascular ailments and even hypertension.

Individuals who are suffering from sleep deprivation become socially alienated and become less social to the friends, colleagues and the family. Most of the patients with chronic deprivation usually give up and tend to think that their problems are beyond help. With the increased social life and modernization, people spare less time for sleep. This causes insomnia in most of modern population. Insomnia is said to have affected nearly half of the adults in the developed nations. The effects of insomnia usually vary from one individual to the other depending on the period of deprivation of the sleep. The problem leads to negative effect of the quality of life of the individual.

Thousands of individuals suffering from sleep deprivation take sick leaves more often. Very few individuals usually suffer the sleeping deprivation in silent and fail to admit and open up for the fear that they might be alone in the problem. Sleep deprivation usually cause reduced performance and confidence when at work. This is a major problem since in this competitive world, low performance can lead to be laid off at work. The relationship with other people is also affected as little energy is left to interact with the others. This makes the insomniac spend most of their time alone in the house.

When one is suffering from sleep deprivation, they should seek professional help. One should not feel ashamed to share with family and friends on what they are going through. Individuals who have stronger social interaction lead a healthy lifestyle. After talking about the problem, one will feel relieved and receive massive support from the family and friends.

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