Is It Unhealthy To Sleep During the Day?

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  4. Is It Unhealthy To Sleep During the Day?
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The best time to have a good night sleep is usually during the night. However, this is not always true for all individuals. There are those who have had health issues and spent the whole nigh nursing their pains, individuals suffering from insomnia or those working on night shifts will be forced to sleep during the day. How can one sleep well during the day and wake up refreshed? There are natural ways that one can use in order to avoid taking sleeping pills. This is because of the many side effects that are associated with the sleeping pills.

When one is sleeping during the day, they are faced with the challenge of sleeping with the hot heat of the day that makes them very uncomfortable to the extent of totally depriving them their sleep. The daylight may also pose a challenge when one is sleeping during the day. Since one is against the intended time to achieve better sleep, the sleep during the day is always of poor quality.

How can the situation be improved? One of the oldest remedies that have been in use for the sleeping problems is the sleeping pills. They can be taken just few hours before sleeping to enable one sleep soundly. The problems with the pills are that they may result to either physical or psychological addictiveness. There are pills that have a longer half life which result to increased sleeping hours. The pills are also associated with making the individual feel drowsy and get hangovers after consuming them few hours before sleeping. Above all, most of the sleeping pills are usually prescriptions and one will need to have a disorder in order to take them.

What else is left to save the situation? One of the most common remedy for getting a good sleep during the day is melatonin. Melatonin is a natural hormone that helps individuals to sleep soundly during the night. The hormone is naturally produced by the body immediately after night fall. When the body has secreted enough of the hormone, the individual is able to have their sleep induced.

There are scientific researches that have been carried out to prove that melatonin usually works better than other sleeping pills in inducing sleep during the day time. In Chicago, the Rush medical center carried out a research to show the effectiveness of the hormone to the sleep of their workers. They administered a dose of three milligram of the pills of the hormones to one group of their employees before they slept and placebo to another group. The results showed that those who took melatonin had over seventy percent better sleep than the other group.

This showed that melatonin works well to induce sleep during the day when on night shift. The supplements can be purchased for the food stores both online and the local stores. Individuals with the problem of sleeping during the day after having a good night sleep of over up to six hours should see a sleep doctor. A clinical study will help determine the complications and offered the right remedy.

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