Doxylamine Succinate vs Benadryl

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When a person cannot sleep there are a number of different sleep aids on the market. Not all of these sleep aids are made the same. Many people wonder what is the difference between doxylamine succinate and Benadryl which contains diphenhydramine.

Benadryl is not commonly used as a sleep aid. It is a powerful antihistamine that is used to help people suffering from allergies. If a person cannot sleep because of allergy related symptoms this medicine can help them get some rest. Doxylamine is the ingredient in products such as NyQuil that will help a person go to sleep. This is the most power sedative that can be purchased over the counter in the United States. If a person cannot sleep due to insomnia related conditions than this sleeping aid can help them out.

Both of these products are relatively inexpensive to purchase. Before taking either medication a person should consult their doctor to make sure they do not have a reaction to the medication. Some side effects of these products include daytime drowsiness and dry mouth. When a person cannot sleep these sleep aids can help relieve allergy symptoms and allow them to get a good night’s sleep.

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