How To Fall Asleep Faster And Fight Insomnia Naturally

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  14. How To Fall Asleep Faster And Fight Insomnia Naturally
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For all-natural rest try staying away from sleep aids, drugs and alcohol to help you fall asleep at night. Sometimes people with insomnia become excessively tired because they can’t sleep, they get desperate and then get addicted to a sleeping pill. Instead of using drugs you can take the approach to getting to sleep at night naturally.

If you have laid in bed tossing and turning but not being able to go to sleep, then you may want some help falling asleep. If you have been tired but just can’t fall asleep, but don’t want to take anything that isn’t natural keep reading. If you have gone a few days without restful sleep and have a period of insomnia you may need a little help getting to bed. Try some of the ideas below to fall asleep fast.

If you are unable to sleep try some deep breathing exercises. Lie on your bed and start to take some deep breaths. You need to breath from your abdomen filling your belly with air. Continue taking these deep breaths and try to slow your breathing down, which will slow your heart rate. Try deep breathing from your diaphragm for five to ten minutes to help you fall asleep faster.

Sometimes drinking something warm can help put you to sleep. You can warm up a cup of milk or soymilk to help you sleep. A cup of warm milk is soothing and can help relax you. If you don’t like milk or are lactose intolerant you can try having a cup of Chamomile tea before bed. By drinking this caffeine free herbal tea as a natural sleep aid; you will soothe yourself into a relaxing sleep.

Dim the lights around you for about an hour before your bedtime. This may include turning off the television and computer. Getting your body used to the lower light will help you sleep better later. Make sure your bedroom is not too brightly lit either. Too much light in the room or in the hallway can keep you awake. Your body needs darkness to sleep, which is why it gets dark at night.

If you are like many people you have thoughts about daily life or concerns for the next day that may keep you awake. If you are excited or worried about tomorrow it will be difficult to sleep tonight. One way to help you with your thoughts is to write them down in a journal. Sometimes a thought will go around and around in your head and will cause you not to fall asleep. If you have this problem take five minutes to write about it in a sleep journal or a regular diary. This action just releases these thoughts and you won’t spend as much time thinking about them.

Here are a few things for you to remember about getting better sleep. Stick to a sleep schedule, go to bed at the same time each night, this gets your internal clock set and you will fall asleep faster. Stay away from caffeine before bed, it’s a good rule of thumb not to have caffeine after 5pm, if you know that caffeine keeps you awake you can stop having it earlier. Try to keep stress to a minimum; stress can keep you up at night.

If you have tried all of these tips, ideas and more and are still experiencing chronic insomnia, you will want to pay a visit to your doctors office. Or if you still want all natural sleep aids, a doctor who also practices homeopathy may be the best choice for you. If all else fails try counting sheep. Good luck, good night, and sweet dreams.

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