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Sleep is a source of peace and rest for the body and the mind of a human being and in that process all kinds of body functions are suspended and one loses his consciousness partially. Every human being has his own sleep pattern that suits his mind and body keeping them active and strong. If a person is limited to one sleep and wake time his mind and body will not be able to function properly and he is likely to have insomnia. When one’s sleep cycle is disturbed his needs of body and mind will not be fulfilled and he will not be able to use them to their full capacity.

The sleep of a normal person depends on two factors; the number of hours he has been awake and the regular timing of his sleep. There are three types of sleep patterns; monophasic, biphasic and polyphasic. A monophasic sleep pattern is the most common sleep pattern where a person sleeps from 7-8 hours a night and has a fixed sleep time. A biphasic sleep pattern is one where a person sleeps twice a day: a regular 5-6 hour sleep at night and a short 2-3 hour sleep in the afternoon, also called a nap in many countries that people talk after lunch. A polyphasic sleep pattern is an abnormal sleep pattern where a person sleeps for a short time many times a day. Monophasic and biphasic sleep patterns prove to be beneficial for the people who have adopted them and polyphasic sleep pattern aims to maximize a person’s deep sleep so that the quality of the sleep gets better.

Biphasic sleep pattern has proved to be the most natural and most beneficial for a human body and mind. This sleep pattern allows a person to use his mind to its maximum capacity and he also remains active throughout the day, having the ability to make good decisions and maintain a friendly relationship with the people he interacts with.

There are many ways with which people can make their sleep patterns more satisfying and natural. Firstly one should eat healthy and smart. When a person eats healthy food and keeps his diet in control, his inner body parts function properly and when the body is satisfied his mind will also be satisfied and will function properly. The mind will then want to sleep at night and will become active in the morning. Secondly doing physical exercises help keep the body active and mind at peace which will further promote sleep. One should also not use any electronic devices before going to sleep and also not burden one’s mind with stress and tension. These things will help a person getting back to sleep which will help create a natural and healthy sleep pattern.

Different sleep patterns also depend on some factors that vary in different people such as age, physical condition and psychological condition. Different sleep patterns suit different people according to these factors and before setting a sleep pattern one should consider these factors and also the demands of his body and mind.

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