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A human being needs a seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every twenty four hours to ensure normal body maintenance and function. Anything less than this must be compensated for, by daytime naps to enable one to be alert, healthy and active. Due to several external and external factors, some people have difficulty falling asleep naturally and may need to resort to additional help and stimuli. There are both natural and artificial ways to fall asleep with majority preferring natural remedies as they have lesser side effects and are cheaper and easily available. Some of these natural methods include:


Having a routine exercise regime on a daily basis helps get rid of body tension and helps one to relax and get into sleep mode. Ensure to exercise at least three hours before going to bed so as to give your body enough time to adjust and reset itself from activity.

Good eating habits

Avoid heavy meals at night and resort to light salads and vegetables with small portions of carbohydrates and protein which are best consumed at breakfast. Also have your last meal at least three hours before bedtime to allow as much digestion to take place before you turn in for the night. This means having your dinner at 7:00pm if you intend to hit the sack at 10:00pm! There is nothing that chases away sleep and is uncomfortable as having a full stomach at bedtime.

Proper Sleeping ambience

Remove all distracting items and equipment such as laptops and television sets from your bedroom. Make the bedroom a place to relax and unwind, not an extension of your work. Also place shades or curtains on the windows to minimize intensity of bright lights or sunshine in the room. Using fragrances from essential oils such as lavender, jasmine and sandalwood also create the right ambience and soothing scents that help you fall asleep sooner.

Relaxing sleep routine

Develop a relaxing sleep routine that could involve having a nice warm bath before bed or having a nice warm glass of milk to relax and sooth your stomach. You can also try to read a book (avoid horror stories and action novels) in bed and this has been proved to be more efficient and healthier than taking a sleeping pill. Human beings are creatures of habit and routine- develop one that is relaxing and you will be falling asleep before turning the page of that book! Also try to go to bed at the same time everyday as this tunes your body to tone down at the same time everyday

Comfortable Sleeping equipment

Ensure that your sleeping equipment which include your mattress, pillow, bedding and even sleeping pajamas are comfortable and easy to move in. Having a lumpy mattress or smelly pillow and wearing tight and uncomfortable sleeping clothes will definitely make you lose hours of sleep. Invest in proper and comfortable sleeping equipment and you will be one step to a relaxed and restful night.

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