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Nature is endowed with many natural products that can help one to sleep and they are the preferred option as they pose less of a health risk, are easily available and have significantly less side effects as compared to the artificial counterparts. Most of these products are available in the local grocery or medicine shop and will not cost one an arm and a leg. The plant varieties can also easily be cultivated in ones back yard especially if you know them by name and sight. Natural products that can help one to sleep can be categorized into edible foods and drinks, natural herbs and vegetables, aromatherapy oils, sleep inducing products and relaxation techniques.

Edible foods and drinks

Foods such as nuts, cheese and drinks such as chamomile tea and warm milk are sure to get you to sleep in record time. Avoid at all cost coffee and sugar based snacks as these will keep you awake longer than necessary.

Natural Herbs and vegetables

There are tried and tested herbs and vegetables that work wonders in getting one to fall asleep. These are natural, affordable and easily available in grocery and drug stores. People who are blessed with green fingers can even plant their own herbs and vegetable in their backyard and consume at their pleasure. Some of these herbs and vegetables include kava root which can be ground into powder form and taken as a health drink. Others include valerian as well as fresh spinach and carrots.

Aromatherapy Oils

These are sweet smelling essential oils that help one to relax and sleep with the most common being lavender, jasmine and sandalwood. They work as a mild sedative that helps people sleep longer, deeper hence wake up feeling more refreshed, active and happy. These aromatherapy oils can be used in ones bath or placed on ones pillow as it is through inhaling than the relaxing feelings are enhanced leading to deeper and longer sleep. Other aromatherapy oils include chamomile and ylang ylang which are easily available in the local grocery or chemist.

Sleep inducing products

Simple techniques such as placing curtains and blinds on the windows to reduce amount of bright light in the bedroom and sleeping on a comfortable mattress using a scented “dream pillow” while wearing comfortable sleep wear, play a big part in helping one sleep well and for long. Such products and techniques are easy to adopt and make use of and will definitely result in better sleep patterns.

Relaxation techniques

These must be done at least half an hour before bed time and include exercises such as stretching and Yoga as well as aids such as visualization, listening to soothing sounds or music and sleep inducing meditation. Needless to say these require regular practice and commitment for them to be effective as the body must be tuned and adjusted over a period of time to be able to relax and go to sleep with minimum effort. Proper breathing techniques also help the body to relax and eventually slow down to restful and deep sleep.

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