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Sleep paralysis is the term used to define the immobility some have when transitioning between being asleep and being awake. Usual symptoms of this phenomenon is being aware of one’s surroundings but not being able to perform normal motor functions. In most cases this immobility or paralysis only lasts a short time and normal movements can return gradually or all at once. This disorder is not harmful to the individual who has it but often it causes someone to feel scared or stressed.
Inducing Sleep Paralysis

There are a couple reasons people try and induce sleep paralysis on their own. Some people simply want to know what it feels like. Perhaps they believe they may have had it and want to know for sure. The other group of people who attempt to induce sleep paralysis are those who enjoy the adrenaline from the episode. You want to move your body but you can’t no matter how hard you try. This feeling of fear and entrapment is similar to the fear you get at the top of a drop on a roller coaster. You can’t stop the ride and you know the odds you are going to be alright are very high. The fear produces adrenaline and some people really enjoy that sensation.

Sleep paralysis as a symptom is usually associated with narcolepsy or other sleep disorders. Due to this fact the best way to induce sleep paralysis is to mimic a sleep disorder. This can be done by going to sleep like usual but waking up periodically. Whenever you feel you are almost asleep open your eyes and try to move. You may be unsuccessful many times before being comfortable enough to do this. If you are simply waiting in bed while restless and try to open your eyes and induce this paralysis it will not work. It will only occur if you are truly moments from sleep. There will be a point when you wake up but your body is still sleeping.

Patients with Sleep Paralysis

Someone with chronic or excessive sleep paralysis is usually defined as an individual who has episodes approximately once a week for six months. In instances like this there is medication that can be prescribed. Sleep aids and prescriptions related to narcolepsy should reduce or eliminate the reoccurring paralysis. Not all enjoy the adrenaline rush from being unable to move but being awake. For some the fear can cause panic attacks. If you have sleep paralysis occasionally it is important to know that this is not harmful. If it is something you do not want to have the first step would be trying an over the counter medicine to get rid of is and the next step would be seeing a physician.


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