Sleep Paralysis Questionnaire – Can’t Move While Sleeping Or Dreaming

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If you have had sleep paralysis dreams, where you feel as if you’re awake but cannot move, this questionnaire is for you. In short, you see yourself sleeping in your bed and the room looks exactly like it’s real, but you cannot move your body. In short, your body wakes up before your mind does. I personally agree with the theory that it is situation where your brain is not communicating properly with your body for some reason.
Still for some reason it doesn’t seem that there is much scientific research on what actually causes or prevents these sleep paralysis dreams. So I thought I’d do a quick survey of people who may be experiencing this issue. Please answer the questions in the comments area-maybe this will help shed some light on what causes the dreams and how to resolve the problem. Please just answer the questions posted here to keep this survey somewhat scientific.

1. Are you sleep deprived? Missed a night of sleep or sleep less than 6 hours a night regularly?

2. Do you feel a pain in the back of your neck before you go to sleep or when you wake up? Or both? Does it feel like you need a massage?

3. How often do you experience these dreams? Do you get them regularly, or do they just start up out of nowhere after months or years?

4. Have you had any medical problems directly preceding these dreams, such as the flu or migraine? What was the issue? Are you on any medication?

5. Are you anxious or scared? Is something particularly stressful happening in your life over the past few weeks or month?

6. Have you experienced any significant life change in the weeks or months preceding the occurrence of these sleep paralysis dreams?

7. Do you feel as if something is watching you in your sleep paralysis dream?

8. What position are you sleeping in when you have this dream? On your stomach, on your back, or on your side?

9. If you sleep on your side, is your back to the wall or facing the room?

10. Have you figured out a way to break out of the sleep paralysis? Such as blinking, relaxing, or even praying? If so please explain what works for you.

Also if you have more questions related to sleep paralysis (a dream where you can’t move) that I could add here to help shed some light on this situation, post it in the comments area.

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