The Link Between Sleep Paralysis And Alien Abduction

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Web MD along with many other professional medical and scientific sources, contributes night terrors, nocturnal hallucinations and alien abductions to sleep paralysis. It’s been happening for centuries and in ancient times demons were blamed. Abductees report being abducted in their sleep. This suggests
they may suffer from sleep paralysis. Once fully awake memories can be vague and the descriptive
stories of alien probes may emerge durig hypnosis.

Let’s compare sleep paralysis to accounts of alien abduction. The number one symptom of sleep
paralysis is the inability to physically move one’s body and often hallucinations accompany this lack of mobility. Humming and buzzing noises as well as bright lights appearing in the room are common.
A person may feel they are being held down against their will or kidnapped by strange beings as
the mind attempts to make sense of the attack. The need to escape takes over while the body is
ill equipped to make the rescue. Calling out for help or trying to get up and being unable to move
are common symptoms of sleep paralysis. Now, we take a closer look at the average alien encounter. People report feeling paralyzed in bed during their sleep. Sometimes they hear a humming or buzzing
and strange lights may appear in the room. The sleeping person is visited by a strange being who
examines them as if for the purpose of medical research. Other times the dreams may be more
obscure.The subject feels something unseen in the night is hovering over them holding a pillow
over their head or otherwise holding them down. Even if we throw in a ufo which lands in the yard
and the person is care flighted out of their home and placed against their will on board the ship
where they are held captive and tortured or examined for an unknown space of time the comparison between alien abduction and sleep paralysis is clear. However, I admitt all claims will not and can
not be defined here today in this article. Just keep in mind if aliens are abducting you from your room
or visiting you at night during your slumber, sleep paralysis can’t be ruled out. All other claims,
next window, please.

Science journalist, Chris Mooney wrote about sleep paralysis from a scientific point of view in his 2005 article, Waking Up To Sleep Paralysis. He brought into view the findings of a Harvard University study published by Transcultural Psychiatry. The study offers the theory that stories of alien abduction and other seemingly paranormal night terrors could be brought on by sleep paralysis.

If you google,” can’t move while sleeping”, sleep paralysis will likely come up as an option.
Wikipedia states sleep paralysis is closely related to R.E.M. sleep. WebMD states sleep paralysis
comes on either while falling alseep or during the process of awakening suggesting the body isn’t
easily moving through the stages of sleep. While this isn’t a serious condition and the exact cause
is unknown research shows possible contributing factors to be irregular sleep schedules and stress.

As for alien abduction, one explanation isn’t going to explain all claims. There have been people who reported being abducted while driving or walking home though these accounts could be contributed to narcolepsy which may be related to sleep paralysis.The moral of this article boils down to taking the
time to research the human experience. Often, science can tell us a lot about incidents labeled
paranormal or alien if we’re willing to look beyond the open/closed mind.

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